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Guest Post: “Manwhore vs. THOT” by Naima Simone

Only For You Naima Simone

As a serious, unapologetic “Hell no to rehab” read-a-holic, I’ve devoured a lot of books in the last two months. And I’ve DNF’d at last three of them with a piercing, DIE NOW! scream. Why? All for the same reason: a cheating hero.

There seems to be a trend of heroes who have sex with other women in books aside from the heroine. Now, I’m not talking about a “manwhore.” Because I actually love a good manwhore hero. These are the men who, in the beginning of the book, screw anything breathing, walking and hot. They’re single, have a very high sex drive, know what to do with their equipment, and aaaaall the women want to know what he’s working with. Usually, there’s a reason behind his manwhorish ways. Fear of commitment, hurt in the past, chasing demons, seeking oblivion or just plain ol’ loves being buried deep in a woman and finds no shame in it. Manwhores are a delicious draw because they’re never disrespectful even if they freely admit no woman can ever entice them past one night of the most incredible sex they can enjoy together. Most importantly though—they are redeemable. The reader goes in knowing this hero may get around but it’s only because he hasn’t found the right woman yet. The woman who will render all others nameless and faceless. The woman who will be his world, his everything and satisfies not just his lust, but the heart that didn’t even know it was seeking a lifelong, profound, healing connection.

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