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Why Miranda P. Charles Loves Reading Romance

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As a romance novelist, I sometimes wonder what kind of a difference my books are making to people’s lives. So when one of my readers reached out to me and said that my books and other romance novels she’d read had helped her get out of her emptiness and made her feel again, I was touched. It also inspired me to think about what reading romance has done for me.

I’ve loved reading romance since my early teens, and I often finish a book in one sitting even if I have to sacrifice a few hours of sleep to get to the last page. So what do I get from reading all those books?

Here are the top three things that reading romance novels continue to give me:

  1. Entertainment

Reading romance books makes me happy, plain and simple. It’s one of my favorite forms of entertainment. I love reading about two people going through difficult challenges to get their happily-ever-after. It’s a form of escape that I can experience wherever and whenever I want, especially since I don’t mind reading on my phone, which I always have with me.

  1. Catharsis

Oh, yes, I’ve cried with the characters many times. Years ago, there was a particular scene in a book (unfortunately I can’t remember the title of it now) that brought me to tears each and every time I read it. The scene was about the hero losing all hope that the heroine could ever have feelings for him. He’d believed he could never win her heart.

I was hurting at the time, but I didn’t want to admit to myself exactly how much. That book was there to help me let it all out. I found myself opening up the pages to that scene just to have that cathartic experience.

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Cover Reveals

COVER REVEAL: The Unreal Boyfriend by Miranda P. Charles

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How can Derek be with the woman he loves when he has to stay with the one he doesn’t?

Derek McCarthy won’t rest until he proves that his cunning uncle was responsible for his father’s death. But due to their frosty relationship, the only way he could get into his uncle’s properties to search for the evidence that could expose his well-respected uncle’s crimes is to keep pretending that he and the daughter of his uncle’s business partner are in love. But his feelings for his friend Bernadette Luna keep getting stronger, so when an arrangement with his girlfriend-in-name-only enables him to date Bernadette, he grabs it with both hands. Unfortunately, he is soon faced with a heart-breaking choice: risk his uncle discovering his ruse and destroying the evidence, or risk losing Bernadette forever.

Should Bernadette follow her heart or listen to her head?

Bernadette Luna has been secretly in love with Derek McCarthy for ages. When Derek finally shows his attraction to her, she is ecstatic. He is truly the man of her dreams. But when she discovers that Derek might be keeping secrets from her, she has to make a decision: follow her heart or listen to her head. Problem is, her heart has misled her many times before, especially when it comes to Derek.

“Thanks again, Bern. We might have to be seen together a few more times. How about I pick you up from work on Tuesday so we can talk about it?”

“Sure. Sounds like a plan.”

“Great. I’ll give you a call.” He shut her door and watched her drive away, licking his lips.

He and Bernadette had kissed. And he liked it a hell of a lot.

Damn it, Derek. Don’t go there. You know you can’t.

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