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When Was the Last Time You Were Lost in a Good Book?

Yes, we’re totally distracted by all of this.

At lunch, one co-worker mentioned she was reading something so engrossing she missed her subway stop. Not to name names, but we’ve also heard of people staying up WAY past their bedtimes, taking extra-long baths, or picking the slow supermarket line so as to get in some more reading.

When was the last time you were willing to do almost anything to get to continue reading your book? What book was it, and what did you end up doing? Did you miss your subway stop? Emerge from the tub like a prune?

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Morning Bites

Morning Bites: Were-Bear with Them

Bear shifter romance seems to be returning, albeit almost exclusively in the digital publishing end of books. Not only that, but many bear shifter heroes are paired with plus-sized heroines, have secret babies, or are Navy SEALs (imagine how hard it is to keep it quiet that you change into a big furry beast every so often when you’re in the military! Or maybe not).

This takes fur baby to a whole new level.
This takes fur baby to a whole new level.

Wolf shifters aren’t nearly as prevalent as they were a few years ago, and it brings up the question of what other animals might be appealing for shifter romance fans? Nalini Singh has peopled (or animaled) her Psy-Changeling books with leopards as well as wolves (and also rats, hyenas, jaguars, and other animals), while Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels urban fantasy series includes shifters of many types. But thus far, there haven’t been many shifter types as lead characters beyond wolves, leopards, and now bears. Are you game for a were-bear, or are you so-not-there bear?

What kind of animal shifter would you like to see?

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Morning Bites

Morning Bites: Phyllis A. Whitney Born Today!

Phyllis A. Whitney, the “Queen of the American Gothics,” was born on this day back in 1903 (and lived to be 104!). Whitney–along with Mary Stewart, and Victoria Holt–dominated the Gothic Romance genre during the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, books whose covers usually featured a frightened woman in a diaphanous gown fleeing a large, imposing mansion.

Phyllis A. Whitney's Thunder Heights
Your nightie is perfect garb for an escape!

Have you read any of these grande dames of Gothic Romance? Are there any current Gothic Romance authors you recommend?