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GIVEAWAY: One Little Kiss by Maggie Kelley


One Little Kiss. Sometimes that’s all it takes. A good kiss can turn a first date into a perfect date or a perfect date into love. As a die-hard fan of romantic stories and movies, I’m thrilled when a sexy, inspired kiss kicks off the action or wraps up the story with a happily ever after. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. So here’s my list of amazing movie kisses, a half-dozen fantastic, fall-for-me lip locks that made me believe that sometimes a kiss really does say it all.

  1. Crazy, Stupid, Love. Such a sweet, funny movie about the not-so-smart choices we make for love, and while Steve Carrell and Julianne Moore are adorable together, it’s the moment when a rain-soaked Emma Stone walks into a bar, grabs Ryan Gosling and pulls him into a kiss that says, ‘Now or never, gorgeous’, that knocks the movie out of the park for me. Out of the park.
  1. An Officer & a Gentleman. So you’ve heard the adage, ‘there’s nothing like a man in uniform’. Well, if that man is the damaged and determined Richard Gere striding through a factory to lift a gob-smacked Debra Winger into his arms and carry her away to what can only be an afternoon of delight, well, that adage makes a helluva lotta sense. Perhaps the most romantic movie ending of all time. Definitely top three.

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