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How Katherine Garbera Fell in Love with Romance

Dance with the Devil final
I started reading romance when I was thirteen years old. I had spent spring break with my Grandparents in Okeechobee and my great aunt passed away before I was supposed to go home.  So my uncle came to get me and I spent the weekend with him (my parents and younger sisters were away at a swim meet) and he took me to a flea market where I picked up Johanna Lindsey’s Fires in Winter to read on the bus (my grandparents owned a Greyhound Bus franchise and we could ride for free!) back to my hometown where my dad would pick me up…gosh, that’s a long story. ☺

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get in the book but it was addicting.  I LOVED it and as soon as I finished it my mom gave me some Harlequin Presents novels that she had and I read them too. I was hooked.  I’d take the books my mom and her friend Mrs. Loftin would pass to me to the new-and-used bookstore and trade them in for more books. I was reading at least 5 books a week.

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