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The Anatomy of a Hero by Jess Anastasi

No, I don’t mean that anatomy. Though I have to admit, when I wrote the title of this post, it did cross my mind that spending the next few minutes talking about the importance of aaaaaabs and biiiiceps drool on a hero. But, come on people, we’re trying to maintain some standards here… most of the time. Just a quick note, for the purposes of visualization, I’m going to be using TV heroes as examples. My job… so hard some days.

Ahem. Seriously now, have you ever thought about what all your favorite heroes have in common? And I don’t just mean those delicious bad-boy Alpha heroes like Dean Winchester from Supernatural who have a brooding smolder down to an art (and the single manly tear. My god, does that man know how to bring the feels). Some of my favorite heroes are kick ass chicks like Buffy (who doesn’t love Buffy) and River Tam from Firefly.

But I’ve definitely got a thing when it comes to a hero. And that is the imperfect hero. I love those heroes that have a dark side, either because they’ve experienced dark things, or have walked a dark path themselves. So, let’s look at some of these heroes and their anatomy. Inner anatomy.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Top Five Romantic First Dates That Are Problematical” by Jess Anastasi

Diffraction Jess Anastasi

Ah romance. It’s that magical thing we live to experience. Relationships are made and broken over it, some people will do anything for it, and lives are changed by it. It’s why we read romance novels, right? We want to experience the blissfully rosy glow of finding new love and getting to know that special someone.

But life isn’t often a romance novel, which we all know well. So, think about it. Some of those scenes out of your favorite romantic book or movie, how would they have really gone down if they’d happened in real life? Well, luckily I’m here to burst your romantic bubble with a smack-down of reality.

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