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How Reading/Writing Romance Keeps Me Sane | Carmen Falcone

“Where do you find time to write?”

I always get asked that question. My family members and friends know about my crazy busy life with work, two kids and also a unique situation. My family lives in Brazil and my husband’s family is in Switzerland, so we don’t have an emergency support system to drop off the kids on the weekend. Ever.

Anyway… I write because I love it. But, thinking back to when I was unpublished… I also wrote because I loved it, and from a very young age, I read. Reading—romance in particular—is what has kept me going through so many things in my life.

Nowadays, even as a writer, reading romance is even more important. I love to shut off my self-editor button and get lost in a world where going to Target by yourself isn’t considered a luxury! A world where the hero has his own private jet, the heroine has magical powers, and in the end, everything is okay. No, wait, it’s better than okay—wonderful, inspiring, awesome. Yep. When it comes to romance, I’m not a fan of cliffhangers.

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