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Aural Pleasures: Sara Richardson’s SOMETHING LIKE LOVE

Something Like Love Sara Richardson

Sara Richardson’s Something Like Love will hit shelves and e-devices next Tuesday, but before then, Sara’s stopped by EverAfter to share her playlist for Something Like Love as well as answer our questions! Pre-order your copy of Something Like Love today!

Ben Noble needs to do some damage control. Fast. His heart has always been in ranching, but there’s no escaping the spotlight on his high-powered political family. Now the only thing that can restore his reputation is a getaway to the fresh air of Aspen, Colorado. Not to mention that the trip gives Ben a second chance to impress a certain gorgeous mountain guide. But Paige Harper is nothing like the shy girl he remembers . . . she’s so much more.

Paige is serious about Ben, too: seriously annoyed that the playboy cowboy is using her mountain for his PR. Once upon a time, she fell for Ben’s aw-shucks charm, but the fairy tale didn’t end happily. Paige doesn’t intend to let down her guard again. But keeping their relationship all business and no pleasure may be harder than she thinks-especially if the moonlight, the Rockies, and a certain irresistible rancher have anything to say about it . . .

1. How do you make your playlists for your books?

Usually by accident! I don’t make a playlist before I start writing the book. Instead, I find that as I’m writing, different songs I hear while driving or shopping or hanging out with friends will all of a sudden jump out at me as perfect for a certain chapter or scene of the book.


2. Do you use the entire playlist for the whole book or specific parts for certain sections or types of scenes?

I tend to choose different songs for different scenes. There are so many varying moods throughout the course of a romance novel! Sometimes the songs are more upbeat and uplifting, but at certain points, I’m inspired by the melancholy.


3. How does the music impact your writing process?

Once I hear the song that fits the scene I’m writing, I have tendency to play it repeatedly while I work. Music inspires me and helps me set a certain tone for a scene.


4. Do certain songs or artists continually come up in your book playlists?

Actually, I have very eclectic taste in music, so I tend to find new songs and artists rather than going back to the same ones. Every book is so different, and I really try to find songs that fit each unique character and their individual situation. That said, I do have a tiny obsession with Jason Mraz. 🙂


5. Does the music on your playlists also get put into your casual listening?

It really depends on the song. Outside of writing, the only time I get to listen to music I want to listen to (instead of music my kids choose) is when I’m working out. Typically, I don’t listen to love songs while I’m doing my hiit training. I need loud and fast songs to keep me going.


6. What’s one piece of writing advice you would like to share?

Readers connect with the character, so make sure you know your characters well! Spend a whole day being your character. Think about what they would do, what they would eat, how they would interact with the world around them. The better you know your characters, the better the reader will know them.

Sara’s Playlist

Kelly Clarkson: “Stronger”
Passenger: “Let Her Go”
The Lumineers: “Stubborn Love”
Carrie Underwood: “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”
Phillip Phillips: “Where We Came From”
Switchfoot: “Free”
Lady Antebellum: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”
P!nk: “Just Give Me a Reason”
Jason Mraz: “I Won’t Give Up”
Ed Sheeran: “Thinking Out Loud”

Sara RichardsonSara Richardson grew up chasing adventure in Colorado’s rugged mountains. She’s climbed to the top of a 14,000 foot peak at midnight, swam through Class IV rapids, completed her wilderness first-aid certification, and spent seven days at a time tromping through the wilderness with a thirty-pound backpack strapped to her shoulders.

Eventually, Sara did the responsible thing and got an education in writing and journalism. After a brief stint in the corporate writing world, she stopped ignoring the voices in her head and started writing fiction. Now, she uses her experience as a mountain adventure guide to write stories that incorporate adventure with romance. Still indulging her adventurous spirit, Sara lives and plays in Colorado with her saint of a husband and two young sons. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and

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