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Aural Pleasures: COACH MADDIE AND THE MARINE by Blaire Edens

Coach Maddie and the Marine Blaire Edens

Today we’ve got Blaire Edens stopping by to share her playlist for her new book, Coach Maddie and the Marine! We hope you enjoy! Be sure and pick up your copy of Coach Maddie and the Marine today!

1. How do you make your playlists for your books?

It just sort of happens organically. When I begin the plotting and outlining of a new book, the characters and scenes will often remind me of certain songs and I’ll add them to a playlist. As the book grows, so does the playlist. I’m a serious plotter so by the time I type Chapter One, I usually have forty or fifty songs. I tend to write in two to three hour segments so as long as I have fifty songs, I’m don’t have to listen to the same song repeatedly. In Coach Maddie and the Marine, I balanced high-energy sports with deep internal conflict. The list included You Got What I Need by Joshua Radin and Elvis Presley’s A Little Less Conversation.

2. Do you use the entire playlist for the whole book or specific parts for certain sections or types of scenes? 

While I might play one song on repeat for a specific scene, I usually just randomize it so that it’s both matched to the book and interesting to me. A solid playlist reflects the mood and themes of the book as a whole.

3. How does the music impact your writing process?

I need music to write. In my music library, I have everything from Placido Domingo singing Besame Mucho to the Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight. My playlists reflect that variety because I associate certain genres with certain moods, events and social classes. Music is a condensed form of expression. In a great song, an artist can tell a story I can only tell in a novel.

4. Do certain songs or artists continually come up in your book playlists?

Some artists tend to pop up everywhere, at least for a certain time period. Right now, I’m really into Jason Isbell. He’s a phenomenal song writer and he has a song for every mood and every character. His writing inspires me to use every single word in an impactful way and for that reason, he makes nearly every list. Cigarettes and Wine is one my current favorites because the writing makes the scene nearly tangible. I also always include a good dance number, like Poker Face or Mambo No. 5, to remind me to get up and move.

5. Does the music on your playlists also get put into your casual listening?

It depends on the song. Some songs that I don’t particularly like make my playlists because they match the mood or the character. I won’t name names or songs but I don’t like all the songs in my library.

6. What’s one piece of writing advice you would like to share?

Never, ever stop. Even if you don’t realize, you’re improving your craft with every word you write or type. Failure is a part of the writing game and if you know that and accept failure as an opportunity to get even better at what you do, you’ll be successful.

Coach Maddie and The Marine Playlist

 Joshua Radin: “You Got What I Need”
Elvis Presley: “A Little Less Conversation”
Robert Earl Kean: “I’m Comin’ Home”
Jason Isbell: “Traveling Alone”
Lou Bega: “Mambo No. 5”
Trampled by Turtles: “Ain’t No Use Tryin'”
Joe Ely: “Are You Listenin’, Lucky?”
Taylor Swift: “Bad Blood”
ABBA: “When All Is Said And Done”
Eric Hutchinson: “Rock and Roll”

After the combat death of her Marine husband, grief counselor Maddie Westerfield has thrown herself into helping other families—leaving no time for dating. Which is just fine with Maddie since falling in love again, especially with another man in uniform, is out of the question. No matter how gorgeous he is. Plus, she’s busy looking after her eight-year-old nephew for her deployed sister.

For the last eight years, Lieutenant David Sterling has lived with the guilt of losing one of his soldiers in an ambush in Afghanistan. So when the opportunity presents itself, he jumps at the chance to help the beautiful widow coach her nephew’s football team. But keeping things strictly professional between them is harder than he expected. And even though he knows a relationship with Maddie will only lead to heartbreak, he can’t help falling for her.

Blaire Edens lives in the mountains of North Carolina on a farm that’s been in her family since 1790. When she’s not plotting, she’s busy knitting, running, or listening to the Blues. Blaire loves iced tea with mint, hand-stitched quilts, and yarn stores. She refuses to eat anything that mixes chocolate and peanut butter or apple and cinnamon. She’s generally nice to her mother, tries to remember not to smack her bubble gum, and only speeds when no one’s looking.

Blaire can be found on Facebook, Twitter,, and her blog.

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