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Good Lies by Charlotte West

If Warren Price was gasoline, I’d be a lit match.

Addison Wanks, rock ’n’ roll’s favorite daughter, is good at keeping secrets.

Secret One

She’s responsible for the long-standing feud between her father’s band, Wanks and Janks, and younger band Wild Minds. She may or may not have let Wild Minds’ sexy bad-boy lead singer Warren defile her backstage at a concert. Okay, she totally did.

Secret Two

She’s supposed to be attending college but instead skips town to follow Wild Minds on their European tour. Addy adores Warren Price.

Secret Three

Europe doesn’t go so well. Her sexy lead singer turned out to be king of a**holes. He’s arrogant, demanding and controlling. Addy loathes Warren Price. Oh, well.

Secret Four

Fast forward a few years and Addy is planning to attend her father’s farewell tour when she hears the news—Wild Minds is back in the good graces of Wanks and Janks. The two bands will be headlining together. This is going to make avoiding Warren difficult. Especially since it seems Warren doesn’t want to be ignored. He also doesn’t want a divorce. That’s right, Addy is married to the Wild Minds front man. Shh. Don’t tell.

What will happen when all Addy’s secrets are revealed?     

Check out an excerpt below! 

Warren insisted on riding in the ambulance. He growled, literally growled, when a paramedic tried to sit next to me. Wonderful. Maybe he should just pee on me and get it over with. I kept my gaze focused on the ceiling and not his beautiful, worried, tortured face. I didn’t want to feel pity for him. It was a dangerous emotion. First, I’d feel pity and then it was just a hop, skip and a jump to forgiving him. Warren was my Achilles’ heel.

Too bad he didn’t feel like being ignored. “What were you thinking going down into the pit like that?” he berated me. “You know how dangerous the shows are.” Way to kick a girl while she’s down. Still, his lecturing helped raise some ire in me. And ire was better than pity. “I can’t believe you would be so stupid.”

That did it. My ire bubbled to boiling anger.

“You know what,” I whisper-hissed, rising off the stretcher—I didn’t get very far because they’d strapped me down. Wonderful. “I didn’t ask you to save me. I didn’t need you to come to my rescue. So if you could just not talk for the rest of this awful ordeal, that would be swell.”

My chest heaved.

Warren’s gaze landed on my breasts. My tank top showed the barest hint of cleavage.

“Oh, my God,” I screeched. “Are you seriously looking at my boobs right now?’

Warren lifted a shoulder. “Sorry.”

I started to laugh at the absurdity. How had I gotten here? What was I doing? But then my humor turned to hysterics. Big, fat, silent tears began to leak down my cheeks. The numbing shock had worn off, and the weight of the moment fell upon me full force. In the past twenty-four hours, I’d cried more than I had cried in the last year. I convinced myself it was all Warren’s fault. And also, my throat hurt. It hurt so bad.

Warren’s eyes devoured my face. With an exasperated sound, he said, “You…” He said the word harshly, as if it were ripped from inside him. He swallowed, struggling against some grave emotion. “You scared the shit out of me.” He pressed a gentle kiss to my lips. “No more crowd-surfing.”

My heart swelled and then burst. How could he act so concerned when his words in the past were so careless?

I didn’t know.

I didn’t ask.

But when he laid his head on my chest, right over my heart, I didn’t push him away. I let him stay. What scared me the most was that I wanted him right where he was.  

charlotte personalCharlotte West writes romance about strong heroines and the sexy alpha males who love them. She lives in Washington state with her husband and very large dog (think miniature pony size). She spends way too much money on books, and way too much time reading. When she’s not reading, she’s feeding her reality television addiction, eating chocolate, or traveling. She’s been known to consume her weight in Girl Scout cookies.

She has a degree in Science and a Master’s in Education, neither of which she is currently using but is still paying for. Occasionally, she moonlights as a YA author.   

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