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Exclusive Excerpt: A VERY JAGUAR CHRISTMAS by Terry Spears

A Very Jaguar Christmas Terry Spear

Does this post really need an introduction? Is it even possible to resist an excerpt from a book that has it all? It’s a Holiday book. About beautiful hot-headed shapeshifting jaguars. Who protect other shapeshifters as a job.  It’s amazing! Don’t you dare miss A Very Jaguar Christmas from Terry Spears, out now!

A man raised his voice several feet away and Everett and Howard turned to see what the matter was. Everett didn’t recognize the redhead, but Demetria was facing him down, hands on her hips, frowning at the guy. No matter how many times he observed her, Everett still saw her as an incredibly sexy brunette, curvy, with killer moves, a quick temper, but a loving heart—where kids of all ages were concerned. She hadn’t dated since Matt had died in the Costa Rican rainforest, and Everett didn’t think she’d ever get over his death.

Her long hair pulled back into a ponytail, she focused her darkened brown eyes strictly on the man in front of her, her body posture balanced. She looked ready for action.

Everett wanted to help her out if she needed his assistance, but he knew that stance. She was a wild cat, ready to take down the big male who was giving her grief. All the agents were highly trained, so no advantage to Demetria there. And he was ready for her reaction, so she couldn’t surprise him. Because of his size and weight, he most likely would have the upper hand. That meant Everett was tensing and getting ready to charge in and protect her—whether she needed him to, or wanted him to, or not. Who would know until after the altercation ended? Everett didn’t want to see her hurt.

Hell, a dozen guys were probably just as ready to protect her, but he didn’t have eyes on anyone else—just Demetria and the redhead.

“Now that’s a woman I’d love to team up with.” Howard folded his arms across his chest, looking on with admiration.

“Her bite is a lot worse than her growl.” Everett knew because he’d tried to break up a fight between her and her hot-headed cousin when the two women were wearing their jaguar coats, and Demetria bit him! On purpose, too. Even though his kind healed faster, he’d still had to get ten stitches.

Not that it kept him from being interested in her. Once he’d learned Matt was dating her, Everett had only wished he had a girl like her. No, not like her. Her.

No one was quite like her.

“Listen, Bruce, go find your teammate and play nice,” Demetria growled low.

She was a contradiction in terms—a Guardian who was all business, strictly professional, and yet around his sister, she was fun-loving and quirky.

Then she had this rough side to her that didn’t fit with her Guardian job—so many of them were pacifists, avoiding violence if they could. He’d heard Tammy talking to his brother-in-law about how she wished Demetria would find someone she really cared for like she had Matt. Tammy was always trying to set her up with JAG agents to date, but had never asked Everett. He suspected it didn’t seem right. Sure, Matt had been dead for over a year and sure, he had asked Everett to promise to look after her. And Everett had, but from afar. He had casually asked Tammy how her friend was doing, trying to give Demetria space but keep his promise as well..

The redheaded man jabbed his finger at Demetria. “You’re the one—“

Everett lunged forward to take the man down. No one threatened her physically without paying the consequences. He bumped into Demetria trying to get to Bruce, grabbed his arm, and flipped him onto his back on the linoleum floor so swiftly, Bruce’s mouth hung agape, his eyes wide as he looked up at him. If Everett hadn’t used the element of surprise, he probably would have had a lot harder time tackling the big guy. But as angry as Everett was, he would’ve gotten the best of him eventually, guaranteed.

Bruce glanced around at the audience they had. A few men snickered.

He didn’t seem embarrassed. And he didn’t seem angry, only raised his brows at Everett a little as if surprised he would intervene, and then he held his hand out to show there were no hard feelings.

Demetria’s mouth hung open too. Everett was still breathing hard, angry at the guy.

He hesitated, knowing Demetria was probably totally pissed off at him. Bruce’s smile broadened, his eyes darkening. Everett wondered then if the man meant to get him back, but they had to learn to trust each other, which was the whole point of the new training in teamwork protocol. He offered his hand to the redhead, and the guy pulled himself up and turned to Demetria.

“Way to go, Bruce,” one of the Enforcers said, and Everett assumed then he was one of them. “I can’t believe you let a Golden Claw take you down when you just wanted a little action with the Guardian.”

Howard laughed. “You will never be able to live that down, Bruce.”

“I may be with the Guardians, but I’m no softie, Bruce. Stay out of my space,” Demetria said. But she turned her scowl on Everett, telling him in no uncertain terms he had blown it where she was concerned.

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over fifty paranormal and medieval Highland historical romances. In 2008 Heart of the Wolf was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world and is raising two Havanese puppies. She lives in Crawford, Texas.

Terry can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and TerrySpear.com.

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