January 2023

Secret Seduction Spray Review

The CURE for Approach Anxiety
(Overcome the Fear of Rejection)

Troy Valance Secret Pheromone Cologne Perfume Reviews Review



Hey, it’s Troy Valance here, Creator of Secret Seduction Spray

and I’ve got something important to ask you…

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you see a woman you are really attracted to…

And, you immediately feel a strong desire to APPROACH HER and start up a conversation…

And yet…

FEAR stops you dead-in-your-tracks.

You feel anxious…

You feel that crippling FEAR of REJECTION…

You think about the worst case scenario…

“What if she ignores you?”

“What if you make a fool of yourself?”

“What if she tells you to F-OFF?”


…she slips you by…

As you sheepishly tell yourself that next time around you’ll definitely make it happen…

The only trouble is…

You know you probably WON’T approach her ‘next time.’ You know you’ll probably end up PARALYSED by Approach Anxiety yet again

Leaving You Feeling FRUSTRATED, Low on CONFIDENCE, and, Worst of All…


Listen man. I get it.

You see, way before I was a well-respected Dating Coach…

I had the same issue…

I had crippling Approach Anxiety.

I’d go out to Bars and Nightclubs…

…and I’d be that guy on the edge of the dance floor… drink in hand… talking to his buddies all night about how HOT all the women were…

Yet, I’d never do anything about it. Not a single damn thing.

Same would happen at the gym…

Same thing at coffee shops…

Same thing walking down the freakin’ street.

Damn was I good at SPOTTING hot women! But, boy was I USELESS when it came to APPROACHING them, and getting a conversation started.

In the end, after YEARS of FRUSTRATION, I figured I needed to FORCE myself to approach women….

Otherwise I was going to end up SAD and ALONE. Forever.

So I did…

I went out and approached thousands of women, over the course of many years. And, slowly but surely, nervous “Hellos” turned into reasonably good conversations…

…which turned into numbers and email addresses…

…which turned into dates and kissing and ‘adventures in the bedroom’…

…and, eventually, I got so good at APPROACHING women that I ended up teaching other men – men just like you – exactly how to do it.

But, yeah, it cost me about 10 years of life figuring all this stuff out.

And, There Was Just One Problem – but It Was a Big One…

Most men didn’t want to do what I did to overcome Approach Anxiety…

They didn’t want to approach COUNTLESS women, screw it up over and over again, and slowly but surely creep towards success…

…Knowing it could take HUNDREDS of failed approaches, over the course of many MONTHS or YEARS, before they could approach ATTRACTIVE women with any degree of confidence.


They didn’t want to do that.

They wanted a FAST-TRACK to SUCCESS with women…

They wanted RESULTS NOW, not tomorrow…

And, that’s when I decided to get my thinking cap on and start researching…

The “Missing Piece” of The Attraction Puzzle that Makes You Magnetically Attractive to Women…

…I wondered why I would sometimes see quite UGLY men talking to very HOT women (and even dating them)…

At first I thought it must be because these guys had MONEY. But, that usually turned out to not be the case.

Now, after A LOT of research into this, I came across some very interesting information on:


Here’s the Quick Science behind Pheromones:

  • Pheromones are something all men and women produce, to ATTRACT members of the opposite sex 
  • Some people have more ATTRACTIVE, powerful Pheromones than others– explaining why short, fat, ugly guys, who aren’t Rich or Famous, sometimes manage to chat up, date and bed crazy-hot women (because they’ve been blessed with great Pheromones) 
  • Most guys are RUINING the Pheromones they do have, without even realizing it! (By washing them off with Toxic Soaps, and hiding them with Toxic Colognes)

Once I realized how POWERFUL Pheromones were, as part of the “Attraction Process”…

And how Pheromones could literally be the difference between engaging a hot woman in effortless conversation (and making her WET while she’s talking to you)… and her not giving you the time of day… I asked myself the following question:

“Is there a way it to create a product that could ENHANCE a Man’s Pheromones?”

After much research, I figured the answer was “YES” and I got to work creating something that is going to give you:

An Unfair Gain And Advantage Over All The Other Men, When it Comes to Seducing, Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women & Getting Conversations Flowing…

What I ended up creating for you, after MONTHS of RESEARCH…

…followed by many more MONTHS of testing – not only on myself, but also on some of my best clients – is called:

Secret Seduction Spray

Troy Valance Secret Pheromone Cologne Perfume Reviews Review female sexual seduction attraction

SecretSeduction Spray is Simply The World’s Most Potent Pheromone Cologne…

For men who want to create massive ATTRACTION with women

…so much attraction that women cannot help but want to spend time with them – and “YES,” that includes time IN THE BEDROOM!

Secret Seduction Cologne is a Potent Mixture of 7 Extremely Concentrated And Hypnotic Human Sex Hormones…

It’s packed in an outrageously sleek and inconspicuous black bottle…

And, all you do to use it, is this:

 – Spray twice on your neck.

 – Spray twice on each wrist.

Now go interact with women as usual.

That’s it.

Don’t change anything else.

Just be YOURSELF, and let go and allow the  Pheromones work their sexual seduction Magic!

WARNING: Use with Caution…

Before you get too thrilled and excited, I need to give you a fair WARNING…

SecretSeduction Spray will change you into a MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTIVE ALPHA MALE that women can’t resist…

You’ll become IRRESISTIBLE
Troy Valance Secret Female Sexual Seduction Attraction Cologne Perfume









PS: Nearly 60,000 Men Cannot be Wrong (THIS Makes Women Horny AF)


The last time I checked, nearly 60,000 men – 58,239 to be exact – had bought at least one bottle of SecretSeduction Spray.

And, many have bought 10 or more.

Heck, some of my best customers have bought a bottle of the spray every month, for more than 4 consecutive years.

And, one crazy guy buys 6 bottles a month, every time (if you’re THAT guy, for God sake, please make sure you’re using Condoms 😉


Why Do So Many Guys Continue to Buy – SecretSeduction Cologne – The Best Pheromone Spray on The Market?


  • It makes you Magnetically Attractive to women (even if you’re old, out of shape, and not very good looking) 
  • If you already have a woman in your life, the spray makes her HORNY AF for you, all the time (so you ‘get laid’ whenever you want– without having to suffer the indignity of ASKING for sex) 
  • If you’re SINGLE, the spray makes every aspect of “Dating” easier… approaching women, striking up conversations, getting phone numbers, feeling confident, setting up dates, making things sexual, bagging a gf and so on


Here’s the Great News:

Because “Lockdown” is finally over – that means you’ll be able to get out there again, and start talking and socialising with hot women…

So, I figured NOW would be a great time to let you ‘stock up’ on the Spray, at some very special discount prices 🙂

>> Click here to learn more (and save more than HALF OFF the usual price)

 female attraction Pheromone Cologne Perfume Review Ingredients victoria body secrets bath and shower gel deodorant













Do that now, and we’ll talk soon…

Your Wingman,

Troy Valance

How 57 Year Old Larry Beds Women Half His Age (Don’t Hate)


Hey there, it’s Troy Valance again…

Look. It’s really easy to HATE one of my best Coaching Clients, Larry…

You see, he’s 57, with a beer belly, a nose and ears too big for his face, and terrible dress sense (imagine a 60’s wannabe gangsta, on Miami Beach… shirt open, chest hair all over the place, and a big vulgar gold medallion round his neck).

Oh, and he’s not very tall. About 5”5 on a good day.

And yet…

Despite being blessed with literally nothing in the way of looks…

This 57 Year Old is a Machine with Women…

I’ve been in Nightclubs with Larry and seen him surrounded by beautiful women. 4 or 5 fighting for his attention.

I’ve seen Larry successfully approach HOT women half-his-age, in every scenario you can imagine…

Coffee shops…


On the street…

At the gym…

You name it, I’ve seen Larry seduce a woman there.

And, don’t judge him too harshly…

But, I’ve also seen Larry go up to a woman who was with her man, in a restaurant, and literally STEAL her from in front of the guys eyes…

And there was literally nothing the man could do about it…

Larry clearly had her firmly under his spell. 

The guy’s a machine.

And, just so you REALLY HATE his guts, I’ll tell you this…

In the past 5 years, ever since Larry came to me for Coaching on how to SUCCEED with women, I’ve seen him with probably 30 different women…

The oldest one was 44 (remember: he’s 57)…

And, the youngest was a 22 year old stripper.

Question is:

“Why The Heck Am I Telling You This?”


Before I met Larry, he had NO GAME with women.

He’d only ever slept with 2 women – one being his ex-wife who treated him like crap for 20 years, before divorcing him and taking HALF of everything he owned…

The other being some girl at college who slept with him for some really twisted ‘bet’ with her friends (long story, one for another day).

Yup, when I first met Larry her was a BROKEN man… in need of desperate help.


Well, today I don’t know of another near 60 year old who is having this much FUN with women. Actually, I don’t know of many other men of ANY age, having this much fun with women.

Now, if you asked Larry what made the biggest difference to his experience with women – of all the things I shared with him – he’d say:

SecretSeduction Spray

Troy Valance pheromones Secret Cologne Perfume Female Sexual Seduction Attraction

And I know that to be TRUE, for a FACT… because I’ve had many other students ask him that very question!

Feel free to check it out HERE


Your Wing Man,

Troy Valance.

Target This Female Organ For Peak Seduction


Hey there, it’s Dr. Patti…

Allow me to be a bit of a science nerd about sex, attraction, and arousal.

For many organisms – not just us homo sapiens – pheromonal communication is of particular importance in reproduction.

Whenever a chemical agent activates any particular results in the recipient, that chemical element is said to be a pheromone.

For example, a woman’s Vomeronasal organs pick up the “smell” of pheromones and signal her brain to desire copulation.

This is a picture of the Vomeronasal organ VNO in the nasal cavity. This hole feeds the pheromone molecules to the olfactory system. That triggers her brain to want to engage in sexual intercourse.

In today’s modern world, you end up showering off your pheromones. So she never gets the trigger that puts her body subtly “in the mood” for some bedroom loving.

We are animals. Just like dogs sniff the air, we are picking up signals of reproduction unless you’ve washed them all off! This means adding a bit of pheromone back onto your body after you shower will send those molecules up into her VNO, triggering a cascade of copulatory responses.

Read about how pheromones worked like BOOM for Carter and his wife.

Secret Seduction Cologne  The Power Of Natures Love Formula (Works On Wives Or Girlfriends)

Victoria Secrets Perfume male most wanted cologne scent smell body and bath and wash gel


“When I discovered the SecretSeduction Spray website, I immediately thought I was setting myself up for another major disappointed. I thought it would rejuvenate my sex life with my wife.

But when I opened up the bottle, I didn’t smell a thing. Nada. Sure there was some faint scent I could pick up. But my bottle of Axe smelled ten times better.

I sprayed a little on my neck and chest just for laughs.

Well, later that night, nobody was laughing. My wife got crazy horny even though we haven’t had a go at it for almost a year. We had sex so crazy and wild I thought she was a different woman.

This thing didn’t rejuvenate my sex life. It gave me a whole new one!” – Carter


Pheromones aren’t like perfumes and colognes, where you “smell good.”

Our bodies naturally produce these chemicals to attract those of the opposite sex for mating purposes. Just like how female dogs attract male dogs when they’re “in heat.”

We naturally have these pheromones. But our habits of bathing with soaps and shampoos and using antiperspirants and deodorants mask these chemicals, rendering them useless.

Now with Secret Seduction Cologne, you can enhance your body’s natural attraction factor just by putting a little of it on you.

Get Unbelievably Attractive  Use SecretSeduction Male Perfume Spray Today (Works On Wives Or Girlfriends)

Let Her Smell The Lust,
Dr. Patti

P.S. Susan was able to get this 50% off discount link for you. Grab your SSS bottle as soon as you can, today, before the limited one time only discount link expires.

most wanted cologne Victoria Secrets Perfume male scent smell body and bath and wash gel


P.P.S. More men clamoring for SecretSeduction Spray:

“This stuff works a treat and smells great! I don’t know if I suddenly woke up better looking or if it’s down to the spray (it’s the spray). I’ve used other oils in the past, and nothing comes even close to the compliments I get from women, and strangely some men. Will be getting more next time.”

“Thanks, Troy! I’m getting A LOT of compliments! No one has ripped my shirt open yet, but it’s still early days! Thanks again, man.”

“I do NOT endorse or recommend this cologne to ANYONE else because I selfishly want it all to myself, haha! Anyway, All joking aside, the spray smells great. There is a girl in my office that, without fail, always asks me what aftershave I am wearing whenever I wear this scent. Only this scent and I have 20 other aftershaves. It seriously works! Thanks, Troy.”

Get Your SecretSeduction Spray Here  The Power Of Natural Pheromone Amplifiers

Troy Valance Secret Pheromone Cologne Perfume Reviews Review female sexual seduction attraction


Secret Seduction Spray Review


Review Troy Valance Secret Pheromone Perfume Cologne Reviews

Stealth Attraction Secret Review

ANY Man Can Activate Her Attraction Triggers With THESE Secret Words
Stealth Seduction secret words disc 1 trigger words pdf program video words list review


It’s a common misconception that only good-looking men can attract the women they want.

The things you SAY to these women are much more important than how you look – it’s a fact.

With the right words, you can completely change how women react and respond to you…

…sparking their arousal and interest VERY quickly.

What are these words? Find out what they are – and when to say them – here:

Words that trigger powerful desire in gorgeous women (use them today!)

Have you heard of the term “peacocking”?

It means doing something flashy and obvious to attract attention.

And I’m sure you’ve seen countless men try just that during parties or nights out.

Sharp white shirts, immaculately styled hair – all designed to catch the eye of the beautiful women across the bar.

Don’t think I’m discouraging this.

Indeed, well-groomed men show that they puts thought and care into their appearance…

…and women often appreciate the extra effort.

But be warned – I’ve seen plenty of men like this…

…who find everything start to crash down as soon as they open their mouths.

The woman’s initial excitement quickly fades as the “peacocking” man turns out to be boring, nervous or arrogant.

It’s why I remind men that, despite what the media suggests…

…looks generally aren’t the most important factor in attracting women.

Sure, more handsome guys will tend to have more immediate visual appeal.

But being good-looking is an opener… and nothing more.

For most women, if you can’t show you’re fun to be around, it’s unlikely she’ll be interested even if you look like Brad Pitt.

In contrast, some relaxed, humorous and cheeky conversation can leave her entirely happy and keen to remain in your presence – since you’ve actually improved her evening.

(Maybe even get to know you a bit more personally…)

It’s not even a case of memorising conversations and clever lines beforehand, either.

Knowing just a few special words – and using them at the right time…

…has been shown to subtly spark a gut-level attraction and intrigue from women…

…which can easily develop into something more sexual.

Find out these arousal-inducing words and phrases below…

Women start chasing men who say THIS

what is Stealth Seduction techniques 33 words pdf Wikipedia methods free pdf 27 words










Talk soon,


PS – these words can work regardless of the man’s prior success with women.

Even if he thinks his most attractive days are long behind him.

Just follow this link to spark instant, primal attraction in the women you want.



Stealthily Seduce Attractive Women (Even Without Rockstar Confidence)


This is one of the most effective seduction techniques that work face-to-face, online, and through text or video calls. Check this out.

Some men find women terrifying.

And sure, while these guys could be shy or inexperienced…

It also has something to do with the ladies themselves.

A few years ago, approaching women and getting a girlfriend seemed easier for guys.

Yes, even the shy guys still got some hot love.

…until women started becoming as strong, independent, and capable as we are.

This is good if you know how to use this to your mutual advantage.

I’ll explain why later.

Here is what Damien (not his real name) had to say about how he feels around hot women.

And why Stealth Seduction and Attraction is his entry point into the world of dating.


“Hi, Taylor,

Your articles are excellent. I read most of them thoroughly, but I fight the fear of speaking to an attractive woman. Over and over, I slip away to be alone to make sense of it. The scorching and attractive ones are the most intimidating.

Anyway, thanks for the excellent information.

— Damien”


It’s not his fault.

Women evolved and got stronger. More confident. And pickier in the dating scene.

We’re no longer content with sitting pretty with our girlfriends, waiting for Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet.

We know we can get him for ourselves if we like a guy.

And I understand why some men might feel intimidated.

But if you can use a woman’s confidence, independence, and awareness of her hotness to YOUR advantage…

You can get her to FALL head over heels for you.

And blow her away with the Stealth Attraction Secret

It’s a rejection-proof, covert technique to slide right past her “Logical Brain Rejection System” and implant seeds of arousal, seduction and attraction for you deep inside her subconscious mind.

If you’re shy, inexperienced, or terrified of speaking to hot women…

Or if you want to know a powerful but stealthy way to seduce women you like without making it blatantly obvious…

StealthAttraction Is Your Best Bet This Video Explains How It Works For You

gambler pua Stealth Seduction pdf free download secrets torrent 3 magic words Richard pdf


Seduce Her Tonight,

I Learned A Lot About Women from THIS Guy

Years ago, way before I started teaching men about ‘Women and Sex’ – when I was still STRUGGLING to get out there and MEET women (let alone go to bed with them) – I watched a video by a Pick-Up Artist called:

Richard La Ruina.

To say it changed my life, would be a gross understatement.

You see, it was one of only a handful of videos that I actually found useful when it came to the subject of how to meet, attract, date and sleep with women. Check out the video below…

Stealth Seduction texting program free download free video attraction secret website plan


And, shortly after watching Richard’s video above – my sex-life EXPLODED…

And, I never had any further problems MEETING women (in fact, my problem became the opposite – I had to start turning down more women than I said “YES” to!)

Of course, once I got good at meeting women, that’s when my ‘research’ and ‘experimentation’ actually began. Because that’s when I started figuring out how to give women INCREDIBLE SEXUAL PLEASURE.

But, so far as actually meeting women goes – yup, Richard’s book really helped me out!

Why am I telling you this?

Because today, Richard La Ruina has a new and improved program out, called:

StealthAttraction Secret

And, you can learn all about it by clicking here now

Be WARNED though:

The Video you’ll see is extremely in your face. It’s CRUDE, and it’s RUDE. And there’s plenty of half naked chicks (some of whom appear to be ‘getting banged’).

But listen.

This guy helped me get laid like a freakin’ Rock Star. And, who knows – if I hadn’t watched his original video – perhaps I’d still be struggling with women today!

As it is…

I’m referred to by many as ‘The World’s Greatest Sex-Coach.’

So, just imagine what Richard’s Wisdom with women could do for your sex-life!

Note: when I spoke to him on the phone a few days ago, he told me that his StealthAttraction program is about 100X more POWERFUL than the original video I watched. And, his book revolutionized my sex-life.

So, might StealthAttraction turn you into a Rock Star with the ladies?

I think it just might 😉

Click here to learn more

7 secrets of Stealth Seduction Richard la ruina steps trigger words disc 1 part 1 sao trick






And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Taylor Snow


Triple Strike: How to Get Pussy, Power, And Control Over Women


Having a good-looking face doesn’t promise you sex.

Not having one doesn’t, either. (that’s obvious)

But you know what? It is possible for women to feel “physically aroused” without wanting to have sex.

In that case, you’ll need something on your command that will sweep her feet off with sexual desire AND arousal…

The Triple Strike: How to get pussy, power, and control over women…

It’s probably the oldest stereotype in the world of attraction.

And that is… many guys assume if only they’re rich and good-looking they won’t struggle to get laid

If that were true, then celebrities, rock stars, and sports icons shouldn’t be going out of their way to bed gorgeous women.

Instead, they take them out on expensive dates and luxurious getaways… or any other things they do to “show their value”…

Anyway, there’s an easy way to do that. And it won’t involve proving your looks, wealth, or value…

Truth is, physical attraction is common but mental connection is NOT.

And part of that mental connection involves building her arousal and removing her objections…

For example?

There’s a secret science to “stealthattraction” that forces a woman to act on her most primal desires without fear or shame…

When that happens, she’ll let go of her logical thinking and let her “animal brain” take over.

(The same way guys can’t resist watching an x-rated clip without jerking off…)

And that’s how she’s going to feel every time she’s around you.

And whether you realize it or not, this will also give you an unreal amount of confidence whenever you’re somewhere with a lot of hot babes…

So if you don’t want to go weeks, months, even years without getting laid. And if you want the absolute control of banging a hot chick EVERY TIME you want to…

Then this will get any woman to crave red-hot penetration action with you (sweet!)…

pua training download texting pdf disc 3 dvd set secrets revealed for sale free tips

Seize the day,

Taylor Snow


She’s Got A Pet Wussy


She’s got a pet wussy.

You that read wrong.

You read that wrong too.

Isn’t it incredible that your mind can play tricks on your eyes without you even realizing it?

It reminds me of a set of “stealth techniques” a friend of mine is infamous for, to make smoking hot chicks sleep with him, practically on command.

You can see his sneaky arousal-building techniques here…

Hard to believe something like this even exists?

I don’t blame you.

But here’s a way to think about it…

You see, I always loved playing with magnets as a kid.

Positive, negative… repel, attract… it’s a magical thing to a six-year-old.

Then I got older and I learned about electromagnets.

I learned that the average electromagnet can pick up roughly 10 times its own weight when it’s energized.

That’s right… 10 times its own weight.

Yet, when it’s not energized… it doesn’t have the power to lift a feather.

In the same way, there are techniques that when used correctly, can get women turned on – almost effortlessly. Such a technique carries a LOT of stealth energy, packed into innocent-sounding words and casually injected into your normal every day conversation to get her so horny, she has no choice but to crave for you to bang her.

And just like “flipping the switch” on a powerful electromagnet… you can attract any woman you want, sucking her in like a 10-ton magnet, and have her shoving her hands down your pants like it’s the only thing on her mind.

And you can do it with more ease and confidence than ever before!

Can this be true?

Go ahead, suspend your disbelief just a little bit, and see if you can’t pick up a trick or two here…

How To Trigger Uncontrollable Sexual Attraction (Without Her Even Knowing Why)

does stealth seduction really work to get women full video download amazon disc 1 disc 2

Seize the day,

Taylor Snow


Stealth Attraction Secret Review



Kate Spring Obsession Method Review

Advanced “Mind Hacking” Escalates Her Arousal?

Kate Spring Obsession phrases Method reddit System Program Reviews And PDF Download



If you’re running out of ways to seduce a girl and she still plays “hard to get”…

It’s likely because you haven’t made her think about sex – yet.

So how do you do it? It’s surprisingly straightforward…

It all boils down to these “3 simple, highly arousing moves” no girl can resist…

And the reason she can’t resist is because it creates all sorts of “erotic emotions” inside her.

They make her ache for an ACTION.

And they make her wonder WHY you both aren’t yet undressed and doing it already.

The sad truth is, a lot of men seduce women the wrong way. And, if even they do it right, they’re not ending up with the women they desire most.

So if you’re being too nice, too available, and too eager to impress her… then maybe it’s time to scale back.

But the good news is, you won’t have to spend many days cultivating a girl’s attraction for you.

You won’t have to go on several dates.

Because believe it or not…

It’s easy to hack her mind to feel that need for sexual RELEASE – the same way hunger won’t go away until you eat.

She’ll think about you all day long.

Especially when you’re not around her.

She can’t help but touch and fondle herself in private while thinking about you…

And what’s more?

When you finally ease into this “mind hacking” technique…

…it allows you to spot the time when she IS literally daydreaming about your manhood.

Imagine how you can “get dirty” with her anytime you want…

And imagine making her OBSESS over you to the point of no return.

Here’s how:

Advanced “mind hacking” to quickly escalate her arousal…

How to get any woman to obsess over you pdf kate spring Phrases Obsession Method download reddit summary









Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester

Creates A “Sexual Pull” Between Her Legs?


Does the idea of seducing women make you choke?

Does it remind you of a cheap pick-up line, an awkward conversation, and a cold hard “No”?

Look, sometimes it can be scary. And, it can be embarrassing when she snubs you on the spot.

Which is why this creates a “sexual pull” between her legs…

…stealthily without you speaking a single word

In fact, it builds an uncontrollable desire for her to GET you – not the other way around.

Here’s how it works…

Notice how some guys walk around confidently like they own the place?

They approach women effortlessly. They seem to “know” the right words to say at the right time. And, they seem to use the perfect eye and hand combination…

Making eye contact that makes her blush…

Touching her in ways that electrify her body…

And using small talk to insert instant “sexual tension” until she can’t take it no more…

But you know what’s even more interesting?

Most of these guys are not even good-looking, rich, or famous. And chances are, their “bulge” below the belt isn’t a lot bigger than the rest of us.

The point is, they know something that you don’t.

And chances are, they know how to turn women on, even with casual interactions.

But how?

Harvard research says a certain “sexual pull” can RATTLE a woman’s mind… digging up her dirty thoughts that were never openly known.

And the best part is, it can work over random, innocent interactions – like a text message, an office chat, or a night out at the bar…

Heck, it can even work when you bump into each other on the street!

Here’s how to quickly seduce her into bed using “small interactions”…

Best books on female attraction kate springs Obsession phrases Method pdf free download reddit summary

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


The Kate Spring Obsession Method Review


How To get any woman to obsess over you kate springs Obsession phrases Method in psychology summary download reddit

 What is the obsession story Katespring free summary download in psychology reddit



Real World Seduction 2.0 Review

This Gets Girls Crazy Obsessed
buy swinggcat 2.0 en français pdf 4shared free course download rar how to cancel torrent


Imagine this…

You meet a girl. You don’t put in much effort. You don’t
say anything that special.

And after a few minutes, you say, “gotta go.” She says, “Wait. Let’s exchange numbers.”

That night you get a string of texts from her: So good meeting you. Such a good night. We should get together.

The next night, she comes over. She makes the first move.

She kisses you.

After sex, she purposely leaves her jacket at your place, so she has an excuse to come over again. An excuse to sleep with you yet again.

All this is way too much – especially if she’s fat and ugly or even average. Yuck!

But imagine she’s super hot. A perfect ten. And she constantly wants to sleep with you.

That’s exactly what this simple Formula does to hot women.

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Bypassing these “3 brains” gets ANY girl you want


Would you cut a watermelon using your finger?

I guess you wouldn’t try to paint a wall with a slice of bread and a jar of peanut butter either?

It’s possible to do both but it may not be the best approach.

That said, the resistance you build while imagining these weird acts makes up for your “Rational Brain”.

And this Rational Brain (1 of 3 brain parts) in women is lot stronger than you think.

This makes the rules. This makes all her “responsible decisions”, and this alone generates an endless stream of “good girl” reasons why she doesn’t want to sleep with you.

But when you bypass these “3 brains” (see how here)…

You’ll make her reverse all those logical reasons and make her WANT to jump your bones so BADLY.

Truth is, a woman won’t stop testing you in any way she can.

Whether you’ve been with her for 10 years, or you just met her for the first time… she will want to see you as a confident man dripping with masculinity.

(It’s a HUGE turn on for her too.)

And of course, a woman who gets turned on easily won’t be able to resist the thoughts of having YOU inside of her.

The best part?

When you finally tear down her floodgates of resistance, it’ll be way easier for her to trust you and for you to pump her juices … as early as tonight.

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One sniff and she halts, turns around, and spreads her legs wide open…

That’s exactly what I witness every time I walk my dogs in the neighborhood.

You see, my male dog, Rocky does that sniffing all the time – especially with a female canine in-heat. It’s something that we humans understand as a dog’s primal instinct. It’s what turns their mating mode ON in an instant.

But did you also know that…

The same primal urges are also found inside a woman’s brain and can be released when you do something that unleashes her inner “sexual animal”?

ESPECIALLY when you fire these female erotic triggers…

(It’s helluva lot powerful than any old school sense of humor.)

In fact, for once in your life, did you ever feel that pang of envy when you see other men walking into a bar full of confidence?

Men who effortlessly make women wet and horny and squirming secretly on their seats?

“But they just seem average”, you say. Not even that rich… or good-looking.

Truth is, these guys know something you don’t know (yet).

And when given the right tools to fire a woman’s “neurological triggers”, YOU too can make ladies uncontrollably horny on command.

But isn’t it a skill you should learn, though?

Good thing you asked.

Simple answer: Yes, and it’s easy to do. And yes, you can see results right away:

Here’s what makes her wet and swelling with horniness…

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Floods her body with arousal?


Kobe Bryant’s “Mamba Mentality” teaches us to always be the BEST version of ourselves today. But he also emphasized one thing…

And that is, to do it again tomorrow. And the next day, and then the next… until you form that habit of surpassing your best self every single day.

Because when you’re clothed in your best self possible, your ego gets kicked out of the playing court. And controlling your ego is the first step to taking a dramatic turn for your dating and sex life.

Here’s how to be the MAN that floods her body with arousal…

You see, ego isn’t that bad altogether. After all, your self-confidence and self-worth are housed on that pride basket.

However, when you let it control you, your self-worth hinges on validation from women. This makes you desperate to be “liked” – a need that’s a major turn-off for women.

And a need that blinds you from seeing a woman’s “sex signals“…

What sex signals?

These are your “secret cues” to quickly escalate from approaching her, to making her horny, and ultimately taking her to the bedroom.

Ever wonder why you overthink things?

Can’t think of the right things to say and do?

And end up doing the wrong things that get you rejected?

That’s because you’re not able to see these sex signals sooner.

The good news is… you can train your brain to decode these sex signals (all 4 types of them)…

Just like how you control a gaming console, this decoder rewires your subconscious mind to target the signals that her body gives off.

And the best part is…

You can use the same Mamba Mentality to become the best version of yourself and attract only the hottest and smartest ladies that are constantly transmitting sex signals.     

Their validation will no longer bother you. And you’ll know exactly how to smoothly bed these hotties. It’s fun, flirty, and no pressure coming from either of you.

The Sex Signal Decoder: How to crack her 4 types of sex signals (gets the hot girls only)…

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won’t help.

If she doesn’t like you, this secret won’t make her like you any more.

But this secret will quickly get you into her pants.

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