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SEEKING MR. WRONG by Tamara Morgan

I had a phone conversation with my editor the other day in which I was forced to admit that I am a Follower of All Rules. Sure, I write about jewel thieves and con men, and planning a heist is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday night, but when it comes to real life, I’m kind of a stick-in-the-mud. I obey all traffic laws, return found wallets, and defer politely to authority. The closest I ever came to theft was accidentally not paying for a shirt from Target. (Spoiler alert: I went back in and paid for it.)   

Which is why I love to let my jewel thief heroine in the driver’s seat when it comes time to sit down and write. She’s not afraid to break rules and play with what’s allowed. She’ll twist plots and charm her way in (and out!) of any tight situation. If you want to live large—and get away with it—she’s a much better source of information than I am.

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Penelope Blue’s Guide to Breaking the Rules

  1. Confidence is the name of the game. You can get away with almost anything if you do with enough panache. If you want something from an off-access room, just walk in with your head held high and take what you need. Few people are willing to confront someone who looks—and acts—like they know what they’re doing.
  2. Don’t lie if you can possibly help it. Even the best liars can get caught in their own complex webs, so keep yours as simple as possible. Tell the truth whenever you can…and when you can’t, consider a well-timed distraction. (Bonus: if you want to make your enemy fall in love with you, a kiss will do the trick.)
  3. Old school heists are the way to go. Technology makes the theft game much less exciting than it used to be. Sure, you can hack into a bank and skim a few cents off every dollar, but where’s the fun in that? For maximum entertainment, you need to go after diamonds. Preferably big ones.
  4. The concepts of good and bad are relative. Stealing is wrong, yes, but there’s always another side to the story. Don’t be surprised if the worst villains turn out to have the biggest hearts.
  5. You’re only as strong as the team at your back. No matter what else happens, you need to have a support network you can count on. And if they happen to be fun, quick-witted, gorgeous sequel-bait, so much the better!


Tamara Morgan is a contemporary comedy romance author. Ninety-nine percent of her information comes from television, movies, books, and all other pop culture activities that limit the amount of time she has to spend in polite company.

Her long-lived affinity for romance novels survived a B.A. degree in English Literature, after which time she discovered it was much more fun to create stories than analyze the life out of them. She lives with her husband and daughter in the Inland Northwest, where the summers are hot, the winters are cold, and coffee is available on every street corner.

Learn more about Tamara by visiting her website!

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