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EverAfter Romance is an innovative publishing partner that works with successful self-published Romance authors to give their books the reach they deserve, all while retaining ownership of their rights. Built on the same distribution and sales infrastructure of a traditional publisher, we work tirelessly to find outstanding ways for authors to reach new audiences, engage their existing readers, and expand their formats, creating a dynamic mix of traditional and innovative strategies for their books. Ultimately, EverAfter’s aim is to give authors the tools they need for a long, stable career with the support and expertise of a team of traditional publishing veterans.

Work with a team of pioneering publishing veterans all along the way. EverAfter isn’t just a distribution partner. We want to collaborate with authors to optimize their marketing, advertising, strategic planning, and sales across formats. Romance authors are some of the most successful in digital publishing. It’s time to make that success leap onto the page and into the world of print. The wild world of print publishing is fraught with scheduling, timing, and hurdles in marketing and promotion. In short: it can be overwhelming. We’re here to help. Let our team of experts navigate the print world by your side so that you’re free to do what you do best—write.

After all, what makes a Romance great? A hero that’s with you for every part of your journey. (What we lack in rock-hard abs we make up for in dedication and know-how exponentially.)


Highlights of the program include:

  • Distribution to thousands of retailers, from Amazon and B&N to independent bookstores and libraries, with traditional purchasing terms that allow book buyers to more confidently consider stocking your books.
  • Enhanced metadata to get your book discovered, including author information (bio, links to connect with you via social media and your website), book excerpts, key selling points, comparative titles from other authors that give potential buyers an idea of what your book is, editorial reviews, marketing and publicity highlights, and much more. This way, when a buyer sees your book in their system or catalog, they are much more likely to click through and learn more.
  • A warehouse for your books, where returned copies of your books are inspected, restocked, and resold. You also have the option of doing offset print runs, which means you make more on every retail sale and save on orders you place with us for events.
  • Transparent sales reporting, which allows you to see where your books are selling, rather than just the number of units sold. Through more robust sales reporting, we can see how many copies went to Amazon, Baker & Taylor (a major library distributor), Barnes & Noble’s national distribution center, independent bookstores, and countless other accounts. We can even see when your local library orders a copy of your book so you can go say thanks!
  • Sell-in. Authors can submit titles for consideration for an aggressive pre-publication sell-in program, where we create materials for our sales team to pitch books to brick & mortars, libraries, and other types of retailers across the nation.
  • Access to a sales team, even if your book isn’t in our sell-in program. This means that next time you have an event, we can put it on the radar of our sales team in case there is an opportunity to contact stores in the area to see if they might be interested in stocking your book. It means that when sales go crazy for a new release, or even a backlist title, our sales team can more aggressively seek out opportunities so your print books can ride that wave and be presented to traditional buyers in a reactive way.

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