Essential Beginnings Kennedy Layne
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Exclusive Excerpt: Leah Marie Brown’s FINDING IT

Finding It Leah Marie Brown

Finding It, the newest book in Leah Marie Brown’s It Girls series hit shelves today! We’ve got an exclusive excerpt from the book to give you a taste of what to expect. Pick up your copy today!

The heroine of the It Girls series, Vivia Grant, is a travel columnist for an international women’s magazine.  In this scene, she is on assignment at a sheep farm in the Highlands with her two best friends.  Female friendship is a central theme in all of the It Girls novels.  I love this scene because it shows the fun, loving relationship has with her best friends.  It also offers a pretty accurate vignette of Vivia.  She’s unfiltered (a quirk that frequently gets her into big trouble), funny, self-depreciating, and totally random.

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The Last Chance Christmas Ball Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley, Joanna Bourne, and Patricia Rice

The Last Chance Christmas Ball
Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley, Joanna Bourne, Patricia Rice, Nicola Cornick, Cara Elliott, Anne Gracie
Kensington (September 29, 2015)

Christmas 1815. Upstairs and downstairs, Holbourne Hall is abuzz with preparations for a grand ball to celebrate the year’s most festive—and romantic—holiday. For at the top of each guest’s wish list is a last chance to find true love before the New Year…

A chance meeting beneath the mistletoe, a stolen glance across the dance floor—amid the sumptuous delicacies, glittering decorations, and swell of the orchestra, every duchess and debutante, lord and lackey has a hopeful heart. There’s the headstrong heiress who must win back her beloved by midnight—or be wed to another….the spinster whose fateful choice to relinquish love may hold one more surprise for her…a widow yearning to glimpse her long-lost love for even one sweet, fleeting interlude …a charming rake who finds far more than he bargained for. And many other dazzling, romantic tales in this star-studded collection that will fill your heart and spice up your holidays…

On September 24, Morning Bites asked Does Your Reading Taste Change with the Seasons? Until this month, I would have answered, “no.” And then I read The Last Chance Christmas Ball and was reminded that about this time of year I do like a good Christmas Anthology. These have been fewer and farther between with the demise of the Traditional Regency. Annually, I re-read the best and, this year, am delighted to find a new entry.

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Sisters in Love Melissa Foster
Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: ROCK REDEMPTION by Nalini Singh

Rock Redemption Nalini Singh

Today we have an Exclusive Excerpt from Nalini Singh’s newest book in her Rock Kiss series, Rock Redemption! We’re the latest stop on her excerpt tour, so we hope you enjoy!

“Why?” she asked, the question too violent to be kept inside any longer. “Why did you do it, Noah?”

His expression grew dark. Switching off the stove, he gripped the edge of the counter. “Because that’s what I do, Kit,” he said, his voice gritty. “I fuck women. As many as I can.”

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
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Celebrate Banned Books Week!

Read Banned Books!

This week is the annual Banned Books Week, ” the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read.” According to the American Library Association, “[M]ore than 11,300 books have been challenged since 1982.”

The 10 most challenged titles of 2014 were:

1)     The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie

Reasons: anti-family, cultural insensitivity, drugs/alcohol/smoking, gambling, offensive language, sex education, sexually explicit, unsuited for age group, violence. Additional reasons: “depictions of bullying”

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TV Recaps

Recap: Indian Summers Episode 1 (1×1)

Indian Summers

Last night, Masterpiece Theatre unveiled a super-sized episode of Indian Summers. We are plunged immediately into the action in the Himalayan hill station of Simla in 1932. Alice Whelan, fleeing a faithless husband in England and passing herself off as a widow, arrives with her baby, where her brother Ralph is private secretary to the Viceroy. On the train she meets a rather nice missionary named Dougie Raworth who is traveling with Sarah, his harridan of a wife, and their young son. While Dougie is full of compassion, Sarah is definitely not a good person, a racist, and not to be trusted. The train unexpectedly stops in the middle of nowhere. Dougie and his assistant Leena leave the train to find out what the problem is. It turns out that a small boy has been left on the railway track, poisoned for being a half caste. Dougie and his assistant Leena save him, calling him Adam. Sarah is not happy at being left behind on the train without a word from her husband. It’s clear that something is going on between Leena and Dougie. I would suggest that Dougie work on his poker face when it comes to his wife.

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Steals & Deals

Deal Alert: Katana Collins’s WICKED EXPOSURE is $1.99!

Wicked Exposure Katana Collins

The first book in Katana Collins’s erotic suspense series, Wicked Exposure, is on sale for $1.99! So much hotness, so few pennies. Collins’s blend of erotic mystery (with a few touches of BDSM) makes for a compelling, fast-paced, and sexy read. Here’s the synopsis:

Nothing left to hide. . .

A forensic photographer with the NYPD, Jessica is devastated to receive word of her sister’s death in a robbery gone awry. But when she arrives home in Portland and the local PD asks her to take pictures, she finds more than she bargained for. With each new photo she exposes more of her sister’s secret erotic life. And when she shares her discoveries with Sam, the super sexy local detective, she experiences passion she never knew possible. But Jessica soon learns she’s merely a pawn in a deadly game of betrayal and revenge and begins to wonder if her next picture could be her last. . .

We’re not sure how long the deal lasts, so snap it up now.

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Rave: Tessa Dare’s When a Scot Ties the Knot

When A Scot Ties The Knot Tessa Dare

Tessa Dare’s Castles Ever After series perches on the premise that each heroine inherits a castle. As one does. Her latest book, When a Scot Ties the Knot, offers an introverted (seriously, she makes me look outgoing) heroine who’s received a castle under false pretenses–that she’ll soon be marrying a Scottish captain, which is why she simply cannot make her debut in London society. But the heroine made the hero up, confronted with the reality of having to be in public, in a group, and not panic. Armed with that subterfuge, she embarks on doing what she really wants to — illustrating wildlife, living in her cozy Scottish castle. So naturally she’s somewhat surprised when the captain from her letters shows up at her castle, wearing a kilt and with a posse of ex-soldiers who served under his command. Here’s the blurb:

On the cusp of her first London season, Miss Madeline Gracechurch was shy, pretty, and talented with a drawing pencil, but hopelessly awkward with gentlemen. She was certain to be a dismal failure on the London marriage mart. So Maddie did what generations of shy, awkward young ladies have done: she invented a sweetheart.

A Scottish sweetheart. One who was handsome and honorable and devoted to her, but conveniently never around. Maddie poured her heart into writing the imaginary Captain MacKenzie letter after letter . . . and by pretending to be devastated when he was (not really) killed in battle, she managed to avoid the pressures of London society entirely.

Until years later, when this kilted Highland lover of her imaginings shows up in the flesh. The real Captain Logan MacKenzie arrives on her doorstep—handsome as anything, but not entirely honorable. He’s wounded, jaded, in possession of her letters . . . and ready to make good on every promise Maddie never expected to keep.

This book toys with so many romance conventions, and it is delightful to watch Tessa take those tropes and toss them in the air like confetti. First off is that there are no ‘does he/she know or not?’ moments. As soon as Madeline and Logan are alone, they acknowledge that 1) she made him up 2) he received the letters and 3) he is here to take advantage of the situation she created.

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Exclusive Excerpt: WRITTEN IN THE STARS by LuAnn McLane

Written in the Stars LuAnn McLane

Today we have an exclusive excerpt from LuAnn McLane’s new release in her Cricket Creek series, Written in the Stars! We hope you enjoy and will pick up your copy today!

“Siri, I have not arrived!” Grace Gordon tucked a lock of her windblown blond hair behind her ear and sighed. “This is getting super annoying.” She held the phone close to her mouth and spoke slowly and clearly, “Walking on Sunshine Bistro at Mayfield Marina, Cricket Creek, Kentucky.”

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Blood Moon!

Blood Moon by Lisa Kessler
Someone oughta write a book called Blood…oh, never mind.

Last night in the skies was a rare occurrence, a total lunar eclipse, which is also called a Blood Moon. Of course something as evocatively titled as “Blood Moon” is sure to be inspiration for works of fiction, and it’s no surprise to find many books with variations on the name, most of the books having some paranormal element.

Unless you’re a natural event aficionado (and if you are, kudos!), it’s unlikely you would have known what a blood moon is, but now that you know, isn’t it cool? Do you like finding out that authors have gotten inspiration from real-life events?

What strange facts have you found out through books?


Morning Bites

Season for Shippers*!

Sleepy Hollow returns this week, with both Ichabod and Abbie sporting new ‘dos. LOTS of stuff happened last season, and many people are curious to see if the show can regain what made it so fresh and magical in its first season (tl; dr: focus on Ichabbie‘s relationship)

Next week, Arrow returns, and its trailer also seems to offer some intriguing twists and turns.

‘Tis the season for shippers! Are you excited about these, or other new for fall shows? Do you root for characters to get together?

*A shipper is a person who hopes for a relationship between two characters, even if they aren’t written as together in canon. Shippers, and shipping of characters, is an increasingly important element of pop series.